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ISO 14001 | Environmental Management Systems
ISO 14001 provides companies with a framework to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions in balance with socio-economic needs. It specifies requirements that enable companies to achieve the intended outcomes it sets for its environmental management system. The standard demonstrates a commitment to reducing waste, lowering energy costs and meeting legal requirements.
ISO 14001 Benefits
  • ISO 14001 can help you prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts and enhance beneficial environmental impacts, particularly those with strategic and competitive implications.

  • Top management can effectively address its risks and opportunities by integrating environmental management into the organisation’s business processes, strategic direction and decision making, aligning them with other business priorities, and incorporating environmental governance into its overall management system.

  • Demonstration of successful implementation of this International Standard can be used to assure interested parties that an effective environmental management system is in place.

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Achieving Certification

Gaining ISO 14001 Certification will help companies and create options for contributing to sustainable development

iZi-SHEQ can help you through the preparation required to complete the Stage 1 audit (pre-assessment) and the final stage 2 audit where certification will be granted by an approved certification body. After achieving certification, we can assist with a maintenance plan to ensure continued compliance.